The Company was founded in 1992 by David Stringfield. David had a broad background in vehicle mechanics. After having worked for a couple of providers in the industry, David recognized the opportunity to provide excellent service, decrease turn-around time and level the cost factor to corporate clients for fleet repairs of all engines.

After operating out of a small facility on the west side of Jacksonville, Auto Masters purchased property on West Beaver Street in December of 1998 and built a facility on the 1.78 acre tract with multiple bays to meet their growing needs. The Tampa/Clearwater office was opened next to meet the demands of several clients with heavy crews in that region. 


Current Operations
Capitalizing on his intuitive and keen understanding of process analysis and corporate needs within fleet management and, David promotes and recommends a comprehensive program of regular scheduled vehicle maintenance.  The focus is preventative maintenance, and provides advantages for both the client and Auto Masters. Auto Masters can offer the client a level charge, which is discounted, for maintenance of a given fleet along with aggressive guaranteed turn around repair times. This creates predictability for the client's expense projections and gets their revenue producing vehicles back to work in a more timely fashion.  Because parts for the regular maintenance can be ordered based on the PMI schedule, Auto Masters can strategically stock parts inventory based on schedule and providing one avenue for reducing "down time" to the client. Additionally, the client company is in the position of being informed of potential problems at a much earlier stage due to the planned maintenance, allowing Auto Masters to trouble shoot and solve small mechanical issues before they become large issues. An added benefit is that Auto Masters will identify signs of upcoming large scale repairs that are outside of the contract prior to the necessity of the repair, allowing the client company to budget effectively for such a repair.

Auto Masters has been recognized for the excellence we provide and are currently the only certified repair facility in Florida for worldwide aerial lift device giant, Altec. Due to the development of this niche relationship Auto Masters has achieved certification for Dielectric Testing of the specialized devices manufactured by Altec, HI-Ranger and others. We work extremely hard to provide a level of service beyond the norm, and to work closely with each of our clients to obtain an understanding of their corporate goals and how fleet management fits into their strategic plan, then developing a program to work toward these mutual goals.



Current Plans
Our plans are growth into adjacent markets to provide contiguous coverage and support to our expanding customer base.

We are a company that is unswervingly devoted to excellence, available to help our clients achieve higher levels of profitability by lengthening the useful life of their expensive capital equipment and creating level expenditures for more precise financial forecasting. With the increase of expense in fuel and interest rates, we think the future is quite optimistic for continued growth and expansion in our industry, as client companies postpone replacement of equipment and require more maintenance and repair.