Auto Masters Sponsors National Go Kart Champion

Magarettsville, NC

April 2007

Auto Masters Fleet Services, a Jacksonville, FL based fleet repair and maintenance operation, provides sponsorship for the junior go-kart racing team of John Bryan Nall. Nall recently competed in the Bordeaux Dyno Cams National championship race in Margarettsville, NC. The race is described below is the driver's own words:

We pulled into the racetrack and I was very excited. On Friday night I practiced for a couple hours to get ready for qualifying. Saturday morning I went out to qualify, I qualified in third position out of twenty-eight karts, in the Briggs Junior Lite class. After qualifying and a thirty minute break it was now time to race. When the green flag threw up, I shot into second and stayed there until a caution flag flew out. A few laps later we got going again. On the restart I was passed by another kart and moved to third. The next lap the two cars ahead of me started pushing on one another so, with two laps to go I made my move and passed both cars on the inside and took the lead. As I came around turn four I saw the white flag waving and my heart started pumping faster, I took it easier on the last lap and as I rounded turn four this time I saw the checkered flag. As I blew past the finish line I realized I had just won a national race, and was so happy. I went around the track and pulled into the infield for my podium photo and that was the best feeling ever! I would like to thank everyone at Auto masters for helping us make this national karting win possible.

Bryan is in his early teens and has a promising career ahead as he proudly represents Auto Masters. The folks there are equally proud to see their company promoted on the kart of a National Champion!